Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 20, 2009

Well. That sucks.

I finished reading New Moon two days ago and my evenings without reading the series were so bizarrely empty without those big black books in my hands.  After work today I rushed to the library to obtain Eclipse.

Checked out.  All seven copies.  Not that big of a surprise.

Look up available copies from other local libraries.

All. checked. out.  (Or on hold already.)

You teens sure are tricksy with your inter-library loans.  

I panicked.  My new night-time routine was so comfy and nice.  And I couldn’t just pick up some other random book.  No.  It had to be Eclipse.

So what did I do?  I went to Borders, naturally.

‘Parently Eclipse is only available in hardback–unless you can speak Spanish fluently.  What’s up with that?  Same with Breaking Dawn.  I NEEDED THOSE BOOKS, PEOPLE.

In my panicked daze, I purchase BOTH books in hardback.  Spending far more money than I could really afford on books  that I will probably never read again (I am not much of a re-reader).



  1. no one had a copy that you can borrow? i thought that most people had read those book already and would be happy to share…

    and seriously, other books could be just as good yo. stephanie meyer has “the host” out which i haven’t read, but is still literature by your beloved author.

    plus, anne rice has weird vampire books…although her characters are of a different sort…

  2. You can re-sell them on Amazon, recoup some of your losses, or trade them in at a used bookstore.

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