Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 23, 2009

Beer and Sunflowers

When the idea of this floral arrangement came to mind, it was a very happy thought.  These are the types of thoughts that make Peter Pan fly.

Happy Memorial Day weekend

I triple dog dare you not to smile after looking at this picture

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone.

[For the record, Schlafly beer is–so far–the only beer that I can drink without exercising my gag reflex.  It took multiple weeks to even finish enough beers to create this arrangement.  That is all.]



  1. That arrangement is really cute. It did make me smile.

  2. you should try fruity beers. they are nice.

  3. I’m smiling… you win.

    It’d be HILARIOUS if it was something way trashier, like Schlitz, though…

    *wheels turning*

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