Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | June 2, 2009

“What do you think this sand would taste like?” “Chocolate.”

The entire fourth grade class arrived at the local park, ready to make the most of their last day of school by having a picnic in the park.  We all watched the kids scramble towards the swings and merry go rounds.  One of my students for the day, a  girl with Down’s Syndrome, came up to me, grabbed my hand and said, “Come on Miss Anomaly.”

So I did.

And we played in the sand.  All the other kids were making sand castles, towers, and moats.  But not this girl.  She wanted to bake a sand cake.

“Two eggs,”  she ordered.

I plopped in two handfuls of sand.  She mixed it with a stick.

“Flour and sugar.”

“Butter next.”

The cake was molded and baked.  Frosting was carefully added, and she topped it off with sprinkles.

Later that day she helped water the classroom plants, told me that I was her new friend, and gave me a big hug good-bye.

Some days, I am amazed by how full of joy my life really is.


  1. That is the sweetest thing I’ve read all week. Kids really are one of the best reminders of how wonderful life can be, aren’t they? And their imaginations are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] June, I was getting ready to move to Lakeview.  Before I left, I made an excellent cake made from sand with a brilliant little girl with Down’s Syndrome.   I made my friend’s […]

  3. […] that a child may not have noticed before.  We make messes, we make up silly stories, we make cakes out of sand.  I take a notebook, a wolf’s paw print, a rabbit skull, and some fake ants and make up a […]

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