Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | July 1, 2009


How does one write an entry about their weekend without it sounding like a 13-year-old’s caffeinated Xanga update?  OMG I met people and it was, like, totally fun!!1

That childish statement is true though.  I did meet people.  And it was fun. 

On Thursday, when the festivities of the 20Something-Blogger meet-up began, I awkwardly explained to my roommate exactly what I would be doing that evening.  “Well, I’m meeting these friends. Kinda. For dinner.”

Kinda friends?”

“Um.  Yeah. Err…  I read their blogs.”  And without much more explanation, I was off on the Red Line to meet everyone.

While I sat on the train, I decided that these strangers were, in a sense, my friends.  I take these people’s stories and I make them a part of my daily schedule.  I follow their trials in dating, their complaints about their jobs (or lack thereof), and even their mundane events of the day.  It’s a lot like friendship.  By reading and commenting on their blogs, I am forming a new, probably not defined by Webster nor understood by psychologists, relationship with these people.  These bloggers sit in front of their computer, much like I do, and try to make sense out of their lives.  They attempt to take the moments of their life and display it–unabashedly–across the Internet.

And we soak it up.

So I met these friends, even if initially I would have no idea what they sounded like or looked like outside that tiny Twitter avatar. Instantly, conversations rolled.  We already understood certain inside jokes or personality quirks.  There was little explanation needed.

The weekend continued on much like an old family video–somewhat fuzzy along the edges.  Not because I was drunk (although I can’t speak for the rest of the crew); I was in such a state of excitement that my senses couldn’t quite capture the rush of it all.  I was meeting all these great people.  People who are wonderful story-tellers and genuinely interesting people.  I savored foods that I’d only imagined (much like the food in Hook).  These new friends and I took paths previously unexplored.

When I look back on the pictures or the videos captured during the weekend, I am surprised at how at ease everyone was with the people they had met merely moments ago.  I made my typical silly-face in all the photos, I let new friends watch me play in a children’s museum without embarrassment.  It was as if we had known each other for years.

Despite my early hesitations, I am really happy that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone (read: a little white WordPress box).

I’m still absorbing all the sweet memories of the weekend.  Thank you for making the weekend what it was–simply unforgettable.


  1. Aw, yay. I’m glad you had fun!

  2. Yay! It was so great to meet you this weekend! And since you’re here in Chicago, we’ll have to do it again soon!

  3. I find it interesting how much more comfortable I am writing personal thoughts and feelings on a blog than sharing them with people I encounter in “real life.” It’s an odd kind of intimacy.

  4. I definitely love that our prior online relationships allowed us all to just open up and be ourselves. Everyone feels like my blogger family now and I just want to shout “GROUP HUG”….

    I’m also very excited about maintaining these amazing friendships and especially totally rad Chicago bloggers like yourself! 🙂

  5. i think it was saturday night before i finally got a chance to sit and talk with you a bit and i knew immediately that you’d be an easy girl to get along with. so glad i made it to chicago for a hundred million different reasons, and you articulated it beautifully here.

  6. […] were new restaurants to discover, cupcakes to enjoy, books to be read by the willow tree, and bloggers to meet.  June made me feel more alive than I had felt in a long […]

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