Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | August 1, 2009

I guarantee that they are real

I just slept for a little under 12 hours.  That’s the longest stretch of sleep I’ve had all summer.

It was beautiful.

I woke up at the tail end of a really vivid yet bizarre dream.  I even Googled some of the highlights to make sure it was, in fact, a creation of my subconscious.

Basically, I was watching a documentary of a man who was popular for his research in underwater pharmaceuticals.  He was older, and sported the typical salt-and-pepper beard and chubby tummy.  

In one part of the segment, he geared up and swam outside of his submarine to display his … balls of cinnamon.  Apparently they are a big deal in my subconscious’s science-y world.  In the footage, the man stated multiple times that these were real cinnamon balls.  Not fakes.  For whatever reason, it was super important that they were real.  They were checking the status of the cinnamon balls, you know, seein’ how they were doing since they were underwater and all.

I remember being utterly confused during the majority of the dream.  When suddenly OhMySeven appeared on my big, comfy couch to explain everything to me.  Now that it all made sense, I woke up.  

The end.



  1. Hahahahaha.

    I love that. I’m all, “Hello, I am wise and will explain this craziness to you. You’re welcome.”

    It always cracks me up when I’m in other peoples’ dreams.

    Also, I love how in dreams certain things are SO IMPORTANT OMG DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND OR FORGET and when you wake up, you’re all, WTF?

    Dreams are my favorite. I love love love reading/hearing other peoples’ dreams.

  2. Um I’m really jealous you can sleep that long. If I slept for 12 hours, I would probably pass out again from shock.

    • It is a skill, let me tell you.

      I had been getting about 6 hours of sleep a night for a while, and I was due for a good snooze.

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