Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | September 13, 2009

Ode to Alf

Here lies the remains of my phone, Alf.

So long, kiddo.

So long, kiddo.

Alf is a 3.5 year old Motorola SLVR.   He has been with me since March of my sophomore year of college.  He finally passed today, September 13, 2009, due to old age and an eligible contract upgrade.  In those 3.5 years, Alf has been through a lot.  He was my trusty under-the-pillow alarm clock for 2 years.  (Waking up to vibrate is WAY less stressful and chaotic than an obnoxious beep.  I implore you to try it sometime.  But I digress.)  He is survived by an iBook G4, an iPod Mini (both of which are handling their old age with grace and poise), and the youngest of the family, an iMac.

Alf was quite handsome and very stylish.  He was the iPhone before the iPhone, but he never bragged.  The “Cingular”–yes, remember the days of Cingular?!–inscription on the back cover has faded off, and the cover doesn’t quite close all the way anymore.  There is dust permanently trapped on the speakers of the phone.  That’ll happen when you’ve been put through 3 outdoor jobs.  Alf trustfully pumped out tunes while the other intern and I worked away at the tomatoes and cucumbers during my first ever internship.  Alf connected me to two phone interviews for my first “grown-up” job.  Alf stuck with me through two long-term relationships.  It’s handled multiple incoherent, sobbing phone calls to my parents and friends after said relationships.  But those sad conversations are drowned out by the laughter of many hilarious conversations with my friends.  It’s home to funny pictures and multiple inside jokes.



I’ve superglued the Select key back onto the phone. Twice.  Later on, multiple other keys had to be superglued back on as well.  Alf was a trooper; he never complained  and hardly ever acted up.  Sure, there were dropped calls–but that was hardly his fault.  He was a wonderful phone.  He fit snugly in my pocket and was perfect for my little purse.  Never did he interrupt class or a meeting.  He was the perfect phone for me.

I’ll miss little Alf.



  1. wait… which one did you go with??

  2. Awww I’m sorry for your loss. On to bigger and better things.

  3. […] October, and the first part of November were a blur.  I said good-bye to my phone of 2.5 years.  My grad program was going through eleventy billion adjustments.  When […]

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