Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 20, 2009


Me: I want to buy a rake. And rake leaves on campus. Then jump in the piles. 
Friend: Would need to find a place where they don’t mow. Usually they go around with those big mowers and eat up all the leaves 
Me: I know. Hmmm… 
Friend: We could sabotage the mowers… 
Me: Yes. This plan is flawless. I love it. I don’t see anything going wrong. 
Friend: Yeah. Can’t really think of any problem… Unless the mower fleet is guarded by lawn gnomes 
Me: Oh, then we’re screwed. We wouldn’t stand a chance 
Friend: But lawn gnomes are afraid of squirrels. So if we could tame some squirrels…. 
Me: Tame the squirrels to scare off the lawn gnomes to defeat the lawn mowers. Again. Flawless. Nothing could go wrong. 
Friend: Yes. It’s pretty ingenious



  1. Haha! Definitely flawless.

    At my lake house we used to make pine-needle piles and then jump into them off of a little trampoline. The results were very sticky, but it was a fun leaf-alternative.

  2. You don’t even need to tame the squirrels. Throw popcorn at the lawn gnomes and the squirrels will follow.

  3. […] September, October, and the first part of November were a blur.  I said good-bye to my phone of 2.5 years.  My grad program was going through eleventy billion adjustments.  When things don’t go as expected at the beginning, I have a pretty sour attitude about it; it was proving no different with grad school.  I did, however, find a guy who liked to help me plan grand adventures. […]

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