Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | November 2, 2009

When one door closes…

A lot of thoughts have been weighing heavy on my heart the past week.  The retreat program that I’m involved with is finally over, so all the responsibilities that I’ve been too busy to properly deal with have slammed back into my life full force.  It’s a little intense, and it probably explains why I am sick* for the second time since grad school started.

I’ve strongly considered dropping out of grad school.  I’m not interested in administration positions, which is really what the master’s degree would be geared towards.  It didn’t help my motivation when I discovered that a nature museum that I adore had an open position for an outreach educator.  With no master’s degree required.

I pushed the position into the back of my mind and continued to fight my way through statistics and coursework.  But after a conversation with a friend, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to just apply for the job.  Subleasing my college apartment, moving back to Chicago, etc. were all “small potatoes”, as my friend put it, to my overall happiness.

So as I drank my tea between fits of coughing, I began prepping my résumé and started typing up a cover letter.  I double checked the website for all the correct information, and my heart sank.  The posting had been removed.  I closed the cover letter document without hitting save and sighed.

Moments later I received an email from a professor asking if I’d like to TA his course next semester.  A course that is fun and interesting.  A course I love.

This is no coincidence.


*Ugh.  I’m super sick and I ran out of Kleenex.  The boy I went on a date with on Friday?  Today he brought Kleenex and chicken noodle soup over to my apartment.  Completely unprompted.  *dreamy sigh*



  1. I love this. Both with the course, the path and the boy. Yay for you! 🙂

  2. Sad that you’re not coming back to Chicago. We would have been awesome roommates… and I know you’d love that job.

    But I am glad and super excited about the new course to TA and the boy! *happy dance*

  3. a) I LOVE that he’s already bringin’ soup and Kleenex. A very good sign 😉

    b) I was sick almost the entire Fall semester last year. Ohhhh grad school. It was just plain pathetic. So I emphasize. I hope you get well soon!

    c) Hope you find that happiness, whatever path it takes you on!

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