Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | January 14, 2010


I had one of those meltdowns tonight.

You know.

The type of meltdown that happens when somebody says something incredibly negative when you were hoping for something positive, and then you just allow it to engulf your entire being.  You know it’s ridiculous to allow it to do such a thing.  But it happens.  And there you are, crumpled up in a ball at the foot of your bed, bawling.  And your cat won’t even cuddle with you because, OMG WHAT ARE THOSE WEIRD SOUNDS COMING FROM MY HUMAN?! So you cry more because, hello, not even your cat wants to be next to you.  And your eyes hurt so much from crying and your stomach hurts because it just so happens that yesterday your friend encouraged you to run 3 miles in 30 minutes and every single muscle burns in a way you don’t ever remember muscles burning before.

And somewhere between the the pain and tears, you fall asleep.  Life calms down.  Then your friend calls to see if you want to hang out for a bit.  Of course you do.  You need to.  So you try to clear up your puffy, red eyes and put a smile back on your face.  And you convince yourself that you’re okay.  You’re okay.  Okay.

So you drive around with your friend, and he puts in a CD of a capella HEAVY METAL rock music.  Did you even know such a thing existed in the world?  No.  But you’re happy it does, because you catch yourself laughing.  Your cheeks hurt in a good way.  And even though your eyes are still tired from crying, you’re okay.  You’re okay.  Okay.


  1. *HUGS*

    Tuija & Kaija send *KITTYNUZZLES*

  2. I’ve had meltdowns like that, but I don’t have a cat to ignore me when that happens. Just roommates that I have to awkwardly be around after! Feel better!

  3. Feel better! Call if you need to talk. 😦

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