Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | January 28, 2010


I don’t remember what movie we watched.  Or what we did before we started talking about life and feelings and boys.

But I do remember that you sat leaned up against the side of the chaise lounge from my first college apartment.  Your hair was down and you were wearing one of those sweatshirts that you always wore while you were running.  Or whenever, really.  You loved that sweatshirt.

I sat on the other couch.  My nose was wrinkled in frustration about a boy.  It was the first time that I had tried to care about a boy since my high school relationship flopped.  I was awkward about it, as always.

It was during that night that I spit out my confusion over this boy and why didn’t he like me back?

You sat there, calm and reflective.  You just let me talk and talk and talk until I became exasperated.

When I finally stopped talking, you simply said, “Lovely.  If the boy isn’t making you feel special, he isn’t worth your time.  Because, shoot, Lovely.  You are special.”

My jaw dropped.  I was flabbergasted.  It was so obvious, so incredibly, painfully obvious.

I have never forgotten that conversation.

And this boy now?  He doesn’t make me feel special.

So he’s just not worth my time.



  1. Some very wise advice. Because you ARE special. And amazing. And Awesome. And REALLY HOT. 😉

    It’s a hard thing to realize, but if someone’s not making you feel special, then they’re not the right one.

    I comma pound you. 🙂

  2. That’s such a simple way to look at it but so true. Something we all should be reminded of on a regular basis, perhaps.

  3. This is actually really good to hear as a guy, because the decenet guys get frustrated that the douchebags are failing hard and are skewing the statistics.

    Way to call it. And the fact that you did call it? Further evidence that you are special.

  4. I hope you find someone who makes you feel as special as you truly are…and soon.

    I know someone who would be interested in making you feel special. I believe you two met back in November…. 😉 hehe

  5. That is wonderful advise. I’m sorry that the current boy doesn’t stand up, but I’m glad you know that you deserve the best!

  6. so, so true. it’s hard trying to make something work that is missing that one crucial piece.

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