Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 15, 2010

Paper Boats and Happy Hearts

I had a goal for this new year:  Do More. And so far, I have.  I really, really have.  Last weekend I ran 4 miles on my own in preparation for my first ever half-marathon.  I painted my apartment just like I envisioned.  I’ve eaten more ice cream, learned more new recipes, and laughed louder and harder.  Okay, let’s be serious.  I make my quiet laugh until my cheeks turn red and I squeak when I breathe in and then I laugh some more.  It’s a great cycle.

I also taught myself a few origami figures–boats, cranes, and a dinosaur.  While making the paper boats I had this silly idea of sending a brightly colored boat on an adventure through campus.  But who would have done such a silly thing with me?

And, you guys, I have finally found someone who appreciates my childlike ideas.  In fact, he called it, “delightful”.  I swooned.

The week that we had started dating, C asked me about my favorite flowers.  This is certainly a tricky question for me.  Finally, I narrowed it down and told the boy that I liked tulips and dendrobium orchids.  I told him I really like purples and greens.  That I hate roses.

He listened. C showed up at my door with this beautiful bouquet.  I can’t stop smiling whenever I walk by it.  It’s perfect.

And yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day by sailing a paper boat through campus.

We played Monopoly and ate too much food.  We laughed over silly inside jokes.  We talked late into the night and had French toast in the morning.  We brushed our teeth while trying to sing “Mah na mah na” at the same time.  I can’t wait to see what stories we’ll have when I see him again.

I am a lucky, lucky girl.



  1. Aw you are lucky. This made me smile. 🙂

  2. Those flowers are beautiful, and your paper boat photo made me long for UIUC!

  3. Aww, purple and green are my wedding colors and I don’t like roses either!
    You’re right, we have good ones!

  4. OMG I ,# you like crazy!!!

    The two of you are so amazingly adorable. Like, you might just out cute Jaron and I… and we’re pretty freaking cute.

    ok… this “We brushed our teeth while trying to sing “Mah na mah na” at the same time. ” AWESOME…. Scared the cats laughing!

    You can make paper dinosaurs???

  5. Awww sounds awesome! This definitely made me smile. Widely.

  6. This all sounds quite lovely. I am glad you’ve found someone who appreciated you for you. I have some child like wonder left in me to, I hope I never lose that. There are far too many grownups in the world.

  7. magical…i’m going to have to learn some origami.

  8. siiigh what a pretty pretty bouquet!

  9. I like purple and green, too. Bet you couldn’t guess. 😉 And your Valentine’s day sounds lovely. You are lucky. But he’s pretty lucky too. Neither of you should forget that.

  10. those really are some perfect, perfect flowers…

  11. Well this entire post makes me incredibly happy 🙂 Gorgeous flowers!!!!

  12. Sounds like you two are adorable together. 😉

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