Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 18, 2010

The Chicken Game

The Penis Game. from Bao Nguyen on Vimeo.

The boyfriend and I like to play the penis game from 500 Days of Summer.  And, you know, since he lives 200 miles away, this game is typically played over the telephone and it’s not nearly as scandalous as it should be—but it sure does make me giggle.

So this weekend we finally took the game off the phone and onto the sidewalks of campus.  We paused as we saw two people approaching us and I covered his mouth and said, “I’m sorry, he has Tourette’s.”  And then I died from laughter and two people on campus will forever assume that this boy does indeed have Tourette’s.

We rounded the corner and tried to revitalize the game, but we realized that playing the penis game would be kind of taboo since we were walking next to the rectory and Catholic dorm/church.  So, we altered the game.

Me:  chicken.

Him:  Chicken.


Him:  BUCUUUUUUCK  (that’s the sound of a chicken.  duh)

And then I died.  Again.  From laughter.


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