Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 22, 2010

Chicago, Version 2.0

Chicago is lovely.

It’s good to be close to Lake Michigan again.  And friends who adore cupcakes just as much as I do.  Every morning I watch the tiger pacing through his habitat before I clock into work.  This week I heard the lions roar while they were served lunch and I saw gorillas munch on Romaine lettuce and one of them wiped off a dirty cucumber before he chomped on it.  Oh.  And I fed a giraffe.

Feeding Aneta

I like the world away from the computer.  It’s happier there.  So excuse me if I disappear for a while.  

I still love you.



  1. We love you, too. And we hope you return, because when the nuclear winter strikes and the outside is toxic, we’ll be huddled in our basements with our laptops and iPhones live tweeting our mutations!

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