Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | August 11, 2010



Long hair, former apartment, and a snuggly kitty.

Maybe it’s the 738% humidity.  Maybe it’s the fact that there are 14 boys in my group of 18 campers this week.  Maybe it’s stemming from a lot of different things that have crumbled down in the past week.  Whatever it is, I have a serious case of the Longings. The Longings are characterized by several run-on sentences that start with the two words “I miss” and can include a tendency to not enjoy the moment at hand.  It is not easy to categorize in the early stages, but once it has begun, it can spread rapidly.

I am longing for this hot weather to disappear; I want cardigans and my pea coats.  I’d like to go on long walks in my neighborhood without melting.  I want to stop hearing 18 different campers say, “It’s hot.  I’m hot.  When are we going inside?  When are we going to move on?  WHAT’S THIS WATER ON MY FACE?!”  Honey, that’s sweat.  That’s what happens when you aren’t in air conditioning during the summer.

I am longing for my old apartment; the carpet, the glass cabinets, my old kitchen appliances, the awesome water pressure in the bathroom.  I miss my cat that quietly curled up on the corner of my bed, or snuggled up next to my feet after a long day.

I am not-so-patiently waiting for my hair to grow out, because I am longing for the hairstyles I loved.

I am longing for a job that can follow up my current position, because I’ve sent out countless applications and my trust and faith is running thin.

I long for a nice, comforting hug from my boyfriend.

I’m longing for the words that just haven’t been coming to me lately, because I’m sure my blog is feeling the neglect.

These are, for the most part, small matters (except for the job and the boyfriend thing, really).  I am still trying to cling to what I am enjoying in the present.  The sunshine.  The silly games we play outside during camp.  The long evenings.  The friends that I have here in the city.  But these things haven’t really been curing my problem.

How do you cure a case of the Longings?



  1. I cure “The Longings” by eating…which doesn’t solve anything, because then I long for the days when I fit into my pants and didn’t feel like such a fatty.
    Take heart in these few things: C will be here SOON (right??!), next week is supposed to be MUCH cooler (we’re talking upper 70s!), your hair is looking quite long (and rather lovely, I might add), and if you’re missing your cardis and pea coats too much, crank up that AC, baby! 🙂
    Cheer up, Goober. All is well. You are loved, very much.

  2. I think these are going around because I’ve got a severe case as well. I’m longing to know when I will have a job that I love, longing to know when this stress I’ve been under will be gone. Hang in there lovely, sending hugs your way. Your hair looks gorgeous. Hope you get to see the boyfriend soon!

  3. I am so ready for fall, too. As for me, depending on what I’m longing for I usually dwell in it a little and then try to keep busy. Good luck with the job hunt!!

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