Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | September 1, 2010

Unemployment Rant #329

Unemployment is super frustrating (Okay, okay, Lovely.  Tell us something we didn’t already know.)

Unemployment is incredibly frustrating when you’ve sent out a few dozen applications and you still haven’t—Oh.  You know that, too?  Fair enough.

Unemployment sucks.

It especially sucks when your new friends/former coworkers have all become your competition.  A former coworker had an interview for a place that I applied for, too.  I was excited for her, but extremely let down for myself.  It was a very selfish moment.

See?  Unemployment sucks.

But, I found love today when one of my coworkers sent me an email with a couple leads on a few jobs she thought I should know about.  It’s not the typical boy-meets-girl love or mother-and-child love, but it was still something thoughtful and loving, and I certainly appreciated it.


  1. It is hard out there in the job search pool right now, I’m searching for a new position myself. I’m glad that one of your former co-workers sent you a few leads. Good luck!

  2. This may sound really bad, but I get jealous just when I hear of someone else getting a job–even if it’s not one I’m competing for!

    I mean I am happy for them, but I also wonder when is it going to be my turn? I need a new job like a drowning person needs a lifevest.

    And I keep hoping, and so I just get jealous when I hear of someone else getting saved while I feel like I’m still just drowning…

  3. Oh man, I know how much unemployment sucks a little too well. Good luck with the search!

  4. It’s really hard when you’re competing with your friends. I totally get that.

    Crossing my fingers that something awesome comes your way soon!

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