Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | September 13, 2010

Just Can’t Seem to Get it Right Today

Today I made several phone calls that I have been meaning to deal with for a little over a week (the real world really does just disappear when I’m visiting the boy in DC).

Every phone call ended with sour news.

The insurance company is still “processing” my claims and I have to keep making more phone calls to extend my due dates so I’m not sent in to collections.  Awesome.

The University still thinks that I’m a student because my department secretary didn’t properly file any of my documents.  And then she retired.  Super.

The State of Illinois still thinks that Apple computers are scary and weird, so I had to spend an hour on the phone with my mom so she could file my unemployment form online.

Also?  AT&T still sucks in Chicago (that hasn’t changed).  So that one hour phone call had five interruptions due to dropped calls.

My last landlord took away 44% of my security deposit due to “cleaning”.  Apparently it costs a dollar to clean a light switch.  And I had three light switches, so I lost 3 bucks.  To light switches.  My friend who rented the apartment over the summer is a super clean girl.  My landlord seems to think she left the place looking like a dump, which is not the case.

Even though I kicked butt and crossed off a million things from my To Do list today, I am feeling run-down and frustrated.  Apparently I didn’t get anything right today.

Sing it, Joe Purdy.



  1. Hang in there! It was definitely a monday for a lot of us I think. I hope the week gets better for you! Sending hugs.

  2. Yuck, that does not sound like fun! But hopefully these phone calls will get things moving so it all works out!

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