Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | September 23, 2010

The [Positive] Reinforcements

Hoboy, there’s been a lot of negativity here at Lovely Anomaly.

It’s easy to write about the negatives.  It’s easy to say, “Woe is me!  I’m unemployed and my boyfriend is 700 miles away!”  Reading my last few entries, you’d think I was completely distraught over life right now, and that’s really not the case right now.  Okay, yes, I had a complete shut down on Tuesday when I was declined for yet another job.  There was heavy sobbing, marathon episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and some vigorous Mario Kart racing to numb the pain.  It was not a pretty picture.

However! I have to tell you that there is still so much joy in my life.  C and I still have hour-long conversations at night that range in conversation anywhere from the comforts of flannel sheets to the proper method of making tomato soup (with milk, not water, of course).  We let our stuffed animals talk to one another through Skype and we watch Arrested Development via Netflix streaming.  Long Distance Relationships are so much more bearable in Web 2.0.

Xavier and Cornelius are the Prehistoric version of The Fox and the Hound

Xavier and Cornelius are the Prehistoric version of The Fox and the Hound

Even though I am still unemployed, I focus on the good.  At least I’m not still in that graduate program is something I tell myself every day.  That grad program tore me down to the core, and I am in a much better place without it.  I’ll take mental stability over a Master’s Degree, thanks.

This summer.  I didn’t blog about work this summer very often simply because it was exhausting in the best possible way.  I went from creating one lesson plan a week as homework, to developing two weeks worth of activities in a 3-week period.  And then I implemented those lesson plans with some of the greatest campers, ever.  When I reflect on the ways that I grew as an educator and a person, I realize that I am happy with where it has lead me.  I saved the Thank You cards from all my campers this summer, and they still make me all SappyAnomaly.

Miss Anomaly,

Thank you for helping me when I needed help and for teaching me all about the animals, like Meatball and all the other animals.



P.S.  I will miss you a lot.

I keep these thank you cards posted on my door to remind me of the impact I made this summer.  If I hadn’t left graduate school, I wouldn’t have been their camp counselor.

If I weren’t unemployed, I wouldn’t give myself the time to finish the book I’ve been meaning to read, and I wouldn’t have become a volunteer at an amazing organization.  And if I didn’t volunteer there, I wouldn’t have gotten the email today about the not-yet-posted job opening that would pretty much be my dream come true.

This is where I am meant to be.  This is all worth it.


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