Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 1, 2010

Movie Pitch! Michael Cera as any Action Movie Hero Ever

During a late-night phone conversation with C, this idea popped into our heads.  We think it’d be brilliant.

Michael Cera as Dutch from Predator:  Hey, um, guys… If you could get to the helicopter, that’d be great.  But it’s just an idea.  Okay, um, don’t worry about it.

Michael Cera as Dirty Harry:  I bet you’re wondering if I fired 6 shots or only five.  Heh.  That’s, um, a good question, actually.  I kinda lost count.  Umm.  It’s no big deal.  Just forget about it.

Those are my two favorites.  What else would be a great action role for Michael Cera?


  1. Michael Cera as Han Solo: Scoundrel? Scoundrel?! Yeah, you’re probably right. Well, see ya around…

  2. Michael Cera as Indiana Jones: Snakes? Um, I kind of hate snakes but I guess, um, well, if we make it quick? I guess that’s cool.

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