Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 19, 2010

Through the Cracks

During “Teaching Strategies for Youth”, one of the last classes I took while enduring graduate school, we had a discussion about our teaching philosophy.  Our professor gave us a moment to think about how we wanted to portray ourselves as future educators, but he didn’t want our thoughts in words.  He wanted something visual.

My classmates and I all looked at each other a little puzzled.

Our professor handed out sheets of paper and markers.  Yes.  Markers.  Some parts of college are awesome.

We all sat in silence for a moment until, one by one, we began to figure out what he meant.

I drew an image of a flower growing between the cracks of a sidewalk.  My professor wanted me to explain.

“Our students will all be enduring different challenges as daughters, sons, siblings, friends, enemies.  They will come from different backgrounds with different socioeconomic statuses.  But I want to show them that through their hardships, they can persevere.  They can be the flower that grows through the crack of a sidewalk if they’re determined and motivated.  I’ll give them that motivation.  And I’ll help them find that determination.”

Fast-forward six months.

I’m no longer a part of that graduate program because it wasn’t supporting my career vision or me, personally.

I’m basically unemployed (part-time is not cutting it, folks).

I am broke.

But I’m determined that things will turn around soon.  They always do.

Last Thursday I noticed a cluster of flowers growing through the cracks in the sidewalk along my apartment building.  Not dandelions or weeds.  Flowers.  Nemesia foetans Poetry – Lavender Pink.  A variety grown by one of the top horticultural distributers.

This Friday I have an interview for what would be a spectacular opportunity.

I’m determined that things will turn around soon.  They always do.




  1. Sending out good thoughts to the universe for you!
    You’ll do great, I just know it.
    Good things are coming.

  2. I need you to know how much I needed this in my life. Amen, sister.

    • So glad this could help. Sending big, happy thoughts your way.

  3. Sending good luck vibes!

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