Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 30, 2010

Homesick in Autumn

Sunny finds an Osage orange fruit. "Let's play!"

Fall weather makes me miss home like none other.

It makes me miss playing in the backyard with my 3 dogs.  It makes me miss Sunny, who likes to think that Osage orange fruits are tennis balls.

It makes me miss running through my backyard, hopping over the fence, and exploring the creek along the hedgerow.

It makes me miss finding newts and salamanders and spotting deer in the distance.

I miss backyard campfires, Dad’s silly stories, and Mom bringing out hot chocolate and blankets.

I miss the sound of the combines working in the field, the slight scent of smoke coming from the neighbor’s house as they start their first fire in the fireplace.

Is there a season that makes you homesick?



  1. If I’m not around at Christmastime I always get homesick. Certain times of year also make me homesick or miss experiences, like in the winter I’d love to have a boyfriend for fires and cuddling, hot chocolate and sledding, you know?

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