Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | November 12, 2010

Those Words

Those two words are released from your mouth, intending to pick up the mess and the hurt and the disappointment.  But they hardly even dangle in the air until they fall to your feet.  They clink and clamber about on the hardwood floor.  Those two words seem so empty and yet so heavy.  The actions that should appear to help support those two words have yet to arrive.  And so those two words remain meaningless to me.  I’m sorry.

* * *

Those three words float from your mouth, [most often they] dance as they come through the telephone speaker, tickle the edge of my ear, and fill my soul with hope, joy, and gratefulness. Those moments where I hear those words in person, I simultaneously feel as though I am being lifted up to the highest of highs as well as being wrapped in the most comfortable blanket.  They are the words I treasure most.  I love you.

* * *

It may seem that I toss this word around superfluously, but I need to say it, think it, wish it.  I don’t want to lose it, and I don’t want to give up on it.  I cling to this one tiny word with a grasp stronger than I thought possible.  It is mine, and no person or instance can take it from me.  Hope.



  1. i’ve said I Love You twice ever and I meant it. everything else falls short. I only say it when it matters.

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