Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 2, 2010

Reverb10.2 – Writing

December 2 – Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? (Author: Leo Babauta)

O hey look.  They teased me yesterday with a prompt that was simple for me to write, but this one tries to force me to think.  Jerks.

What keeps me from writing?

For three months I was busy writing cover letters and tweaking my résumé.  And no one likes hearing a girl complain about unemployment for three months straight, so there was that.

I am a kinesthetic learner.  I don’t always learn from writing my feelings, so I have to DO things and MAKE things.  I also feel like I should only write a blog post when I sincerely have something to say.  I don’t want to ramble.  I like to think that I write with a purpose.  I write when I need it:

This is my blog.  What is here on these Internet pages is here because I couldn’t handle keeping it inside my head any longer.  It is not meant to be impressive, nor is it planned to be witty or cheerful.  I write what is me. I’ll write when I’m sad, because I don’t want to pretend.  I’ll write when I’m angry, because I don’t want to hold back.  I’ll write when I’m scared, because I want to look back at myself and laugh, and see how much I’ve grown.  I write what is me.

Sometimes it’s boring.  Sometimes it’s pointless.  Some most of the time it’s about how plants make me me.  It’s who I am.

And I am learning to embrace me.

[Originally posted here.]

But, to be hopelessly romantic brutally honest, I haven’t had much to write because I’ve had someone who I feel comfortable with confiding in about everything.  Words on the Internet used to be my way of putting my voice out into the void because I didn’t think I had anyone who cared.  But now there’s this guy, who unfortunately lives 700 miles away, but he enjoys talking to me on the phone for HOURS.  Somehow we haven’t ran out of things to say, because I can tell him anything, and he does the same.  Because of his presence in my life and his friendship, I haven’t felt like I needed to toss my voice out into the void.  I have a perfectly good listener just a phone call away.

I am not eliminating that.



  1. I know what you mean. It’s sometimes difficult to express yourself to the faceless void of the internet. And gravatar’s don’t really make it any better.

    BUT, I would also challenge you to use what you work through in your long phone conversations to fuel your posts. What may have been an incoherent ramble is now a well thought-out issue, and a possible solution depending on how the conversation goes.

    If you do that, it may not be helpful for you, but someone else may read it and find it extremely helpful.

  2. No, you should definitely not eliminate that! 🙂 Writing is so different for everyone. It’s always interesting to see its purpose among others.

  3. I’m with you in that I’m not into blogging for the sake of blogging. However, getting posts out there is a form of catharsis, but nothing is better than a good friend willing to listen.

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