Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | January 17, 2011

EngagedAnomaly, The Other Side of the Story

If you aren’t sick of this story already, I’ve asked C to write a blog post telling his side of the story (because it takes two people to become engaged, you know).  You can follow him on Twitter, too.

* * *

Lovely asked me to write about my side of our engagement.  I suppose I can oblige her this request, I mean, it’s not like writing a little blog post is going to kill me, right?

I had been thinking about asking for her to marry me for awhile, but always with the thought that I’d wait until our relationship had reached a certain length. The idea was to invite her to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington and propose to her there.

Unfortunately, my heart had other plans and I realized that I needed to propose to her sooner rather than later when she was leaving Washington after a week-long visit.  It was extremely tough saying goodbye and I called my parents after I had collected myself that night.  I told them that I wanted to propose to Lovely and that I wanted to do it as soon as possible.  My mom contacted a local jeweler that we had used in the past on Mom’s jewelry and asked them to come up with some designs based off of rings Lovely had shown me.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take to put the ring together, so I began planning different proposal ideas with the help of some friends that also ran a disinformation campaign to keep Lovely out in the dark.  Unfortunately, my plans were almost ruined when she occasionally caught a glance of emails in my inbox that were titled “(re:) Ring Design”.  Needless to say, the jig would have been up without the aid of her friends to reassure her that there was no possible way I would be working on an engagement ring. You must understand that it is almost impossible for me to lie to Lovely.  She knows me too well and I have extreme difficulties lying to my best friend.

My original plan had been to take Lovely to the shores of Lake Michigan, close to her favorite reading spot, and have a picnic of hot chocolate, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  Both of us had grown up on such winter delicacies, so I thought it would be perfect to propose to her this way.  The ring took longer to make than I thought and Lovely does not respond to the cold well, so I had to ditch this plan once we sailed through October and into November.  Her friends came up with some good suggestions and I came up with the concept of proposing to her in a blanket fort.  I had hoped to propose by Thanksgiving, but my plans were delayed until New Year’s Eve because the ring wasn’t ready and there just wasn’t a good date to pop the question.

Luckily for me, Lovely’s work decided that New Year’s Eve deserved a 4-day weekend, so my parents and I rapidly began putting things together at the house to prepare for the big show.  I had called Lovely’s parents in October to ask for permission, but I called again in December to update them of my impending trap.  They were happy and excited.  I even sent them photos of the ring so that they could see what it looked like.

Finally, Lovely arrived in St. Louis and things were perfect. . . almost.  The jeweler had forgotten to give us the appraisal of the ring and would be closed until well after both Lovely and I had left St. Louis, so we couldn’t insure it.  It looked like I could propose to her, but the engagement ring would have to stay in St. Louis until things could be sorted out.  My parents found another jeweler that could appraise the ring and my brother snuck out of the house the day before New Year’s Eve to have the ring appraised.  He almost blew my cover when he tried to hand the ring to me WHILE LOVELY WAS IN THE ROOM. Thankfully she didn’t notice.  The game was still on!  New Year’s Eve arrived and her suspicions of my impending proposal had waned as midnight approached.  She was afraid of being disappointed if I didn’t pop the question; I could not ask for better conditions.

My cover was almost blown again when my mom retrieved the ring from her room.  We couldn’t risk Lovely stumbling on the ring, so we put it in the only place she wouldn’t explore.  Lovely and I were discussing something when my mom popped out of her room with the ring hidden a hand puppet I had given her as a disguise for the ring.  She handed me the puppet and said the most bizarre things as she stuffed the joke ring into my pocket and walked off.  Lovely thought it was strange, but she had forced the thought of me proposing out of her mind, so I was safe.

The night went as planned.  We built the blanket fort and I kept the ring nearby so that I could pull it out quickly.  I frantically switched out the real ring for the joke ring when she went to the bathroom and tried to appear non-chalant when she returned.  Finally, we got to midnight and I sprung my trap.

I asked her to look at the puppet that my mom had handed to me earlier that day because he ‘stole’ something that belonged to her.  Lovely dug the ring box out of the puppet and looked at the toy ring with a confused expression as I dropped to one knee and opened the real ring box to ask her to marry me.  I don’t remember what I said, but I was excited and confident as I asked my best friend to spend the rest of her life with me.



  1. *tearing up* so cute 🙂 i hope my boy is as creative when the time comes

  2. Such a great, sweet story! I love that you couldn’t wait to ask her. Also, awesome job on the ring. Its quite exquisite!

  3. Having C write his side of the story was a great idea! I loved being able to read about it from both of your perspectives.

  4. I love that C shared his side of the story; who wouldn’t love this? My favorite part C, is that I met you the day before this happened and you were SO NORMAL! I’m glad everything worked out and just so, so excited for you two. (And love that you couldn’t wait to ask her! Too adorable!)

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