Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 22, 2011

Big Things, Big Trees

A man is being charged in Alabama for purposefully using a tree-killing herbicide to poison two 130-year-old oak trees on Auburn’s campus.And, you know, I get it.  There are big things going on in Wisconsin.  Big things going on in Libya.  Big things going on all over the world.

But this?  The fact that this happened?  It pisses me off in an unbelievablyoverwhelming way.

These trees have lived for 130 years.

A lot of Big Things have happened in 130 years.  And a lot of Small Things that mean Big Things to people can be shared in the presence of these two trees.  These oaks are landmarks.

Imagine the picnics in the shade and stolen kisses under the branches that this tree has offered.  Can you grasp the gentle breezes that these trees have provided on that perfect summer day?  Or can you handle the thunderstorms that have rocked the ground in which these oaks live?  The two oaks have served as a vital piece of the campus community; students and alum gather at these trees after victories.

There are 130 years of history behind the two oak trees.

And this man—this sore loser—decides to poison the trees.

Heart. Broken.



  1. That is devastating. And just so, so sad.

  2. There is NO reason to kill trees like that. I don’t get it… I hate it when I see big, beautiful trees coming down. Breaks my heart.

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