Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 28, 2011


My favorite pair of jeans were purchased from Target during my sophomore year of college.  They were inexpensive and the fit was perfect.  They went on dates with college boyfriends and sat through boring lectures.  But they were ultimately ruined after a summer of planting and harvesting vegetables at the farm during my junior year internship.

I wear Tshirts until they have grease stains from cooking adventures gone wrong (and then I still try to wear them and pretend that it must just be spilled water and it’ll dry soon, I’m sure).

The process of shopping is mentally draining, and I question what allele I must be missing on that second X chromosome that makes me cringe at the thought of an all-day shopping trip.

This all adds up to a wardrobe that still includes tops purchased in high school, shoes that have been worn four consecutive years, and jeans frayed at the bottom seams.

Who wants to update my wardrobe for me so that I can finally look like a respectable young professional?



  1. I go shopping maybe twice a year, when the seasons drastically change and I realize that my favorite sweater from the previous four years has worn a hole in the sleeve and needs replacing. Like you, I abhor shopping. Nothing ever fits right. And, like you, my closet is filled with clothes and footwear that are at least several years old, and probably don’t fit any more.

    Shopping sucks.

  2. why do i love you? you just used the word “allele.” correctly. in casual blogversation. you’re brilliant.

    malls stress me out. i’m really only there if i’m with someone else who really wants to be there, and then even when i see things i like i can’t bring myself to buy them because i’m so overwhelmed with everything else going on. i can shop at gap now and then, and a few other stores simply because i used to work in them and they don’t freak me out… but the true cure to all of this is target.

    target has everything. it’s organized well. they’ve got cute stuff on sale almost always. you wander around and pick up pretty things and get to the dressing rooms and try it on. at the end, it’s easy to make your decision because they’ve got enough for variety but not so much that you’re worried you missed something or… who knows. it’s just perfect. i heart target.

    just pick one store you know you’re comfortable in and go. then, if in the end you feel like you need something specific you couldn’t find, you really only have to worry about finding one or two things as opposed to a whole brand new wardrobe.

    allele. haha. you are brilliant.

    • I am such a nerd, but thank you for embracing and loving my quirkiness!

      Malls stress me out, too. Thank goodness for the Internet; it’s solved my Christmas-season-at-the-mall phobia. I also love Target, it’s just a matter of bringing myself to actually spend money on clothes and take the time to find work-appropriate outfits, too.

  3. I would seriously go shopping with you if I had the chance. Also, I’m super cheap so we’d get all the good deals.

  4. I’ll help!! 🙂

    • Name a date and time; I am so there.

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