Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | June 6, 2011

Adjusting, Part I

Not going to lie, Internet, there has been one huge thing that has left me feeling “home”sick for Chicago.

Chicago grid system

Oh, Chicago.  I really do miss your predictability.  Sure, you had some diagonal streets, but I’ll forgive you for those.  Even though most Chicago drivers are crazy, they at least let you merge into traffic without making you feel as though you owe them dinner.

DC Metro squiggles

As far as I’m concerned, the DC-Metro area could have been constructed by a five-year-old  drawing squiggling lines across a piece of paper with a crayon.  You make no sense and if not for my trusty GPS unit (affectionately named Sassy), I would be lost, lost, lost.  There are some grids throughout Arlington, but the “main roads” and several streets in Maryland (where I work) kill me. When will I stop feeling entirely lost in my new city?  DC-area drivers are Chicago crazy times eleventy billion.  Hopefully whatever full time job or second part-time job will be located near a metra station, because I don’t think I can handle too much more DC driving.

Other than that, life is excellent.  C and I have a new member of our family:  a betta fish named Frederick.  My life is contained to a desk, dresser, and bookcase (okay, and maybe just a few other boxes) thanks to IKEA.  I have a fiancé who buys me surprise ice cream when he knows I’ve had a crazy day.  And can I just tell you about the part where we don’t have to worry about syncing up our two computers to watch Scrubs on Netflix?  We just curl up on the couch like a normal couple and enjoy the show together.  In the same time zone.  It’s incredible.



  1. I’m getting ready to leave Chicago and I just know it’s going to be brutal. I love this city, down to the sensible grid of streets and the fact that the lake is always east.

    • That’s the best part about Chicago–never having to worry about “east”. Life was easier when I only had three directions to really focus on.

  2. The last paragraph? The best part. I love that right now Knight is in his club chair, I’m on the couch, I can reach out and touch him. It’s rather awesome. All the adjusting will happen in time, I know it will. So glad we are doing this together!

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