Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | June 16, 2011

Wine and Love, v1

Wine and Love



My friend and moving-for-love soul sister Nora has had this pretty rockin’ weekly update on her blog all about what makes her love life and what’s been making her reach for a glass of wine.

I’m not a wine girl, so let’s pretend that I’m reaching for a bottle of Yuengling.  Because if I’ve figured out anything about the DC area, it’s that Yuengling is the best cheap brew in the area.  And I like it. Win all around.





So here’s my first go at Wine and Love.

The reasons I’m reaching for wine Yuengling:

  • My landlord sent out my security deposit refund as a check made out to both my former roommate and me. No bank is stupid enough these days to deposit a check legally made out to two people unless those two people have a joint account. My landlord essentially threatened me to never call him about the problem again, and now we’re dealing with a cross-country solution. It’s dumb.
  • DC-metro roads are terrifying.  I’ve already talked about this. But being lost and confused with my surroundings makes me really homesick, and I’m just waiting for those feelings to go away.
  • Not sleeping well.  I’ve been up at 2am for the past couple nights, and sleeping in way too late. Hate being restless at night.
  • My new coworkers could use a lesson in time management. When you’re dealing with 20+ kids at a birthday party, you need to be on top of things.  When you aren’t, it makes things eleventy billion times more complicated and I hate ending the workday on such a stressful note.
The reasons I’m loving life:
  • Date night yesterday with C.  We hung out in the National Museum of American History during the day, enjoyed a nice dinner together, and ended the day by watching Super 8.  I, uh, am not really a suspense/action movie fan, so my heart was a little busy jumping out of my chest instead of focusing on character development. However, it was a pretty good movie (C loved it).
  • Tonight we’re going to the Cardinals-Nationals game. It’ll be a nice taste of “home” even if we will be at the rival’s home stadium.
  • Evenings where I’m bumbling around the Internet while C practices his guitar. Swoon.
  • Spending time out on our balcony on cool (and even the not-so-cool) evenings. Watching lightning in the distance from the 15th floor is amazing.
  • My job. I get to talk to kids about turtles and snakes, plants and sunshine. It’s good to be back to environmental education.
What about you?  What are you loving this week?  What’s making you reach for a glass of wine?


  1. I’m loving that you joined up this week! And that you went to the Cards-Nationals game especially since I went to the Cards-Brewers game last week (even though we sadly lost). Sounds like you’re settling in nicely… and watching storms from high up balconies? Huge fan.

    Oh, and your old landlord? Idiot. I want to punch him for you. In fact, I could probably cruise into Chicago do to that if you like 🙂

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