Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | November 20, 2011

Hold me.

We’ve hit that point in wedding planning where ALL THE THINGS seem to need to be accomplished all at once.

We really should send out save-the-dates soon, but before we do that we need to make sure the wedding website is ready to go (otherwise it’d be pointless to direct our guests to a defunct website).

We also need to make sure we get all the addresses for our guests, but CRAP, we need to get that stupid list finalized by our family before they try to add the retired principal from the first school Mom taught at or before his dad tries to invite the entire staff of his medical clinic.

BUT before the website can really go live, we need to fill out our registry, which is really just about the most overwhelming thing.

This weekend was spent updating the website, filling out the registry, and designing our save-the-dates.

And also spending three hours in an urgent care clinic in order to be diagnosed with acute bronchitis. Thanks, germy little kids. You are the future of the world.



  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Hopefully you’ll have some time to rest over Thanksgiving 🙂

    • We didn’t do a single wedding-related thing over the holiday. Perfection.

  2. Ohhh feel better! I remember “THE LIST” holding us back, too. I hate it when something is taking forever and it’s not within your control to get it done faster. But everything will get done, and it will be lovely. 🙂 And enjoy creating the registry! That’s the fun part!

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