Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 16, 2012

I’m Having a Frozen Lasagna for Dinner Tonight and Why It’s Okay

I am responsible for snack prep and records at my organization. With food donated to our organization from a local food bank I can create a quick meal for 40 children from immigrant, refugee, and low-income families (Thanks, Mr. Obama).

Some days it’s pretty basic: peanut butter & jelly sandwich, a cup of applesauce, carrots, and milk.

Sometimes it’s kind of exciting: macaroni and cheese! chicken nuggets! tacos!

But there are times where the food bank’s resources are sporadic. We’ve had a surplus of trail mix and an abundance of fruit cups lately. Yawn. We never really know if this is the only meal a child might receive in the evening. So sometimes I have to be creative.

We’ve had some frozen chicken breasts in the freezer for a few weeks, but prepping chicken for 40 kids is time-consuming. I don’t always have that time. So the chicken sat in freezer waiting for the right opportunity.

Today was the day.

I boiled and shredded the chicken. In the back of the snack room cabinet, I discovered a lone bag of brown rice. Perfect; it was added to the chicken. Next, I grabbed three jars of salsa leftover from our last “Taco Tuesday”. I tossed in the salsa along with some broccoli left from last week, and corn. I sprinkled in some cheese. I baked that baby until it was piping hot and ready to go.

Every. Kid. Ate. It.

I had girls asking for the recipe, coworkers raving about it, and BOYS WHO ATE THE BROCCOLI.

It was a wonderful feeling. A fleeting moment that I will cherish.

But tonight, since Chris is gone, I will make a frozen lasagna and relax on the couch. And that’s okay. Because I know 40 kids had something delicious and healthy today.



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