Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 24, 2012

We all live ordinary average lives

I wish I had a picture of the basement at my parents’ house, because when I say that it’s stuck in the 70s, I hope you can imagine it in every way possible. I’m talking about wood paneling, popcorn ceiling (with sparkles!), a giant plaid pull-out sofa, and patterned carpet in shades of yellow and green.

Did the term “man cave” exist in the early 90s? I’m not sure. Maybe my family invented the term. There was (and still is) a fully-stocked bar, a pool table, Dad’s stereo, and shelves upon shelves of his records. Dad lined part of the wall with photos of cars and Dale Earnhardt posters.

As a child, I remember that some of my favorite evenings were spent dancing (read: running and hopping) around the pool table while Dad played his records. He’d dance and sing with me while we ate pizza and giggled at each other the way a little girl and her father so often do.

In 1991, I was five years old. I don’t know what most five-year-olds should really be listening to, but 1991 was a good year for music in the Anomaly household. For example:

  • “Out of Time” was released by R.E.M.
  • Into the Great Wide Open hit the charts that July
  • Joe Walsh released “Ordinary Average Guy”

Of course, we still listened to a lot of other records, but I mostly remember “Ordinary Average Guy” and “Shiny Happy People”.

The point of this post is that Dad and I have been struggling to finalize this whole “Daddy-Daughter” dance thing, and all I really can picture is Dad and me bobbing around to these old songs. Somebody might as well put a pool table in the middle of the dance floor and blast some Joe Walsh.

Also, I will never not giggle at a song that mentions dog doo.


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