The name

Majalis. It’s the botantical epithet meaning “Of May.” I embrace the fact that I am a tree-hugging, plant-identifying, horticultural nerd.

Recently engaged and perpetually amazed by the world around me.

Overall, I’m just trying to blossom into what I am really meant to be.

Majalis Blooms.

You may also see me around the Internet as LovelyAnomaly.

I’m a Scottish-German Catholic girl who plays in the dirt, while my curly red hair waves in the breeze.  I have a myriad of quirks and an abundance of other recessive genes (blue eyes, attached ear lobes, nearsightedness, and heart conditions).  I grew up in a dominantly Protestant Swedish town where all my friends had blue eyes and blonde hair and played with dolls.




  1. Love the name. Love the story. Lovin’ the blog. 🙂

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