The girl

[Edited 09/29/2012]

I grew up on the last street in the last house before the country of my small town in Illinois.  I spent a majority of my youth playing outside with my three dogs, making mud pies, and pretending to be lost in Alaska whenever it snowed.  So when people reference old Simpsons lines or movies from the early 90s, I typically have nothing to add.

My parents raised me on oldies and classic rock; I enjoy washing my dishes to  Tom Petty, The Eagles, and Diana Ross and the Supremes.  When I’m not doing that, you can probably find me online staring at floral designs or memorizing how to spell the Latin name of a tree.

My degree is in horticulture, but my passion in life is helping others find the magic in every day life.  I work as a nonformal educator, where I try to bring out the natural curiosity in everyone.

As the clock struck midnight to roll in 2011, I said “yes” to be engaged to my very best friend. On June 2, 2012, our friends and family gathered as we exchanged our vows. It was the most fun I’ve ever had packed into one day.

Life is an awfully big adventure.



  1. I like your story and I also like small towns in Illinois as I am from one. Figured I would tell you and I enjoy following your tumblr. I like life adventure. I was also happy to find another person somewhat interested in mine. Until later, good night.

  2. Great blog and content! Nice layout as well!

    Btw, I just stumbled and
    submitted your blog to
    . Hope it brings you a lot of new readers!

  3. woooooow! you don’t know how much it makes me smile to stumble across another comic sans hater!!

  4. I’m a science teacher too (5 years at the helm) and it doesn’t get better–there are days where it’s the best thing you’ve ever chosen to do, and then there are days where you wish you could crawl in bed and stay there until the yelling stops…the good days keep you going, that and summer vacation. 😉 If you get any free time between your coursework or if you have any questions here’s my blog

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